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Do you know how to your eyebrows? Eyebrows frame our eyes. They can make them look bigger, smaller, droopier, or even give them a lift…Because eyebrows are such an important feature, today we're going to dedicate this newsletter to learning step-by-step how to make the most of your brows…


Makeup for eyebrows
Learning to make the most of your eyebrows


When applying makeup to the eyebrows, the most important thing is to apply very little product, so that you get a natural-looking result. Always apply makeup in the same direction as the hair growth, as if you were applying product to the already-existing hairs.

If you put on too much or use a shade too dark for your natural coloring, you’ll end up with a harsh look on your face. That’s why I recommend using just a little to start with, and then adding more as needed. However, if you’ve already applied too much, the best way to take some off is by running a cotton swab softly over the eyebrow, easily lifting some of the excess.

When making up the eyebrows, you can cover any small hairless patches or lighter areas you may have. You can also intensify the arch or lengthen the brow. Your eyebrows frame your eyes; that’s why it’s so important to make them up when you are going to do a complete makeup job.

And if you like the result, why not? You can do your eyebrows every day. You might invest a couple of extra minutes in your daily makeup routine, but the difference is significant, especially if your eyebrows are very light or thin, or if you'd like to have more striking eyes.

If you aren’t particularly good at plucking, I’d advise you to go to a beauty salon and have them do it for you. It’s a small investment, and the results are incredible, especially for those of you with very thick brows.

Once your eyebrows have been shaped by a professional, it’s much easier to maintain them yourself.

For those of you who pluck your own brows, here's a good trick for figuring out where to stop: Line up a pencil from the outside of your nostril to your tear duct. You can get rid of anything outside of this imaginary line. To find the outer boundary on the other side of your eyebrow, line the pencil up from the outside of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye.  

Your eyebrows should arch right over the place where your pupil is when you are looking straight ahead.



Which tweezers are best for plucking? You can find TWEEZERMAN brand tweezers in the Douglas perfumery in The Lab Room in Madrid.

If you’d like to check out a new shape risk-free, use a white pencil on all of the hairs you plan to pluck. This way you'll be able to get a general idea of what things will look like before there's no turning back...

Those of you who have bald patches in your brows or white or light-colored brows can still make them up. There are products formulated specifically for this, which usually contain more pigment than your average shadow, or are pencils that are harder than eye pencils. The trick is to add product little by little so your brows won’t be too heavy and give you a strange look.

If you prefer not to fill in your brows, at least comb them into place, and, if they are particularly thick or unruly, keep them in place with a special brow gel or clear mascara. That way they will stay put all day.


There are pencils on the market made especially for eyebrows (which are normally harder than eye pencils), and there are also powdered products with a high concentration of pigment that you can use on your brows for a very natural finish.

Filling in with a brow pencil

  • Mascara brush or brow brush to comb brows before filling them in or plucking

  • Brow pencil or brow shadow
  • Short angled brush
  • It will be much easier if you use this brush for applying product, or, if you use pencil, you can use the brush to smudge the lines
  • Brow groomer
  • You can also use clear mascara instead of a brow groomer

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