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A makeup artist portfolio is an essential tool to ensure the growth and seriousness of your business. This is where your future clients can look through the previous work that you have done and check out the techniques and talent you have, but a makeup artist portfolio is also there to demonstrate your professional and clever side. What photos goes into a portfolio and how they are laid out tells the client a lot about how clever and business savvy you are.


The makeup artist portfolio hard-copy is the traditional portfolio toll that has been around for decades. Today you can choose from a variety of textures and designs, but it general it should be designed for at least 8.5" x 11" sized paper or even bigger to really show off the details of your work. Usually a black leather portfolio bows well in the fashion industry, but a more personalized yet tasteful example as seen above will also make you stand out.

They key to any hard-copy portfolio lies in the photos you choose to use and how you lay them out (which order they come in). Your first photo should be very impressive and impactful- and also show the range of your work and what type of makeup you are best at. The middle part of the makeup artist portfolio should all be impressive, of course, but you are allowed to used photos which may not be packed with colors and materials etc., but more as to show your stable technique as an artist. All images should be a part of a series of a minimum 3 and nothing more than 5. The last photo should be your absolute best and favorite one to leave a lasting image with you client.

Tips! If a photo don´t sit right with you, even though the makeup is good- don´t use it as the client will feel the same way!

Keep a second makeup artist portfolio for you celebrity and private photos, like weddings, events, makeovers etc.




Now a days makeup artist portfolios can mostly be found online, which also means it reaches a lot wider audience as not only clients whom ask to see the portfolio does- clients searching on the internet does too. And it if of course a lot easier to click your way through a web site than a portfolio. The most important aspect of keeping an online makeup artist portfolio is the design. There are so many to choose from just from a single search so it is vital that yours stand out. If you are focused on working within fashion and high-end celebrities, the design should be clean in whites, blacks and grays- let the photos speak for it-self.

You also get the opportunity to use a lot more topics than you can in a hard copy, so make sure you choose them well and make the division and lay out of the photos in the same way as you do in your hard copy (yes, you should keep both). Don´t add any photo you´re not completely happy about and make it easy to see your most impressive work and make sure you link to contacts and previous clients to show off your networking ability as well.

If your makeup artist portfolio website is mainly for private clients like brides, make overs, pageants etc. you should include prices on the page- but never do this if you are working or want to be working in the fashion related industry.

So there you go- the main makeup artist job descriptions out there, did you find you favorite yet? If so, there’s no time to waste so get on those steps to becoming a makeup artist!





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