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The great thing about a makeup artist salary is that because makeup artists often work freelance, they get to decide it themselves! Because they design and create cosmetic and special effects makeup for theater, television, commercials and films, as well as in salons and spas and of course work within the fashion industry, the work is varied and potent. But how much does a makeup artist make generally? Well, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the field of makeup artistry will grow by 40 percent through 2016- which means that it is a booming industry and job market internationally as well and here are some real figures of a makeup artist salary:

Average Salary

In May 2008, makeup artists averaged an annual salary of $39,020.

Salary Range

The lowest-paid 10 percent of makeup artists received salaries around $16,050, while the highest-paid 10 percent earned $80,630 in 2008.

Largest Employers

The largest employers of makeup artists in May 2008 were personal-care services and performing-arts companies, where artists earned average salaries of $25,540 and $53,930, respectively.

Highest-Paying Employers

In 2008, the highest-paying employers of makeup artists were motion-picture companies, promoters of the performing arts and performing-arts companies. Makeup artists working in these fields averaged $53,930 to $79,600.

Highest-Paying Areas

In May 2008, the states with the highest-paid makeup artists were California, New York and Florida, where workers received average incomes of $46,210 to $63,190.

When it comes to the question of how much does a makeup artist make, as you can see, the answer is varied and it also comes down to the individual outside of the general range. But one thing is for sure, the base makeup artist salary is very solid and it only goes up-wards.

So there you go- the main makeup artist job descriptions out there, did you find you favorite yet? If so, there’s no time to waste so get on those steps to becoming a makeup artist!



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