Learn how to become a makeup artist  

how to become a makeup artist

Find out how to start your dream career as a makeup artist with an easy step by step system

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From day makeup to sophisticated to catwalk and theatre makeup

Turn your passion for makeup into an exciting career

· Discover how you can turn your passion for makeup into a high-paying job as a makeup artist.

· Learn how you can start your own full-time or part-time makeup business with next to nothing in start-up costs.

· Just imagine being a fully qualified makeup artist earning good money and working with models, photographers, designers and clients in your area.

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Are you wondering how to become a makeup artist? We have all the answers for you right here; not only because you´ll get the chance to apply for our internationally renowned Makeup and Fashion study and learn all about how to become a freelance makeup artist, but before that we will send you tons of articles, videos and guidance on how to become a makeup artist and what you need in order to do so.

We have prepared an emailing package for you that will include all the information you need on not only making the decision to try out as an applicant for our online school which is based in Madrid and Spain, but also all the information an aspiring makeup artist would need on how to become a freelance makeup artist.

You´ll receive articles on how to get started as a makeup artist, how the industry works from the inside and what the successful professionals are doing right in order to reach their goals.

You will all get newsletters from English Director and international makeup artist Tove Eggen who´ll give you an input into the life, career, path and decision makings of a real makeup artists which will truly help you on your way to your own decisions…

As we are Spains´ biggest makeup and fashion school we also want to give you a ton of artistic inspiration as it is an important part on figuring out how to become a makeup artist. That´s why we have create the EPROMODA club where we create amazing fashion and makeup videos, tutorials and makeup articles for our members By signing up today you´ll get all of this for free, and of course even more importantly the chance to be one of 15 students chosen to the EPRO scholarship program!