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I don't know if you've tried it yet, but surely you've noticed - this season the focus is back on eyeliner….If you have already tried to do it, you may have realized that it’s not the easiest thing in world, right? (Although it seems like one of the most basic makeup techniquesJ) Drawing a straight line that’s the same thickness, size, and style on both eyes is hard! It can be a downright challenge!

Eyeliner is flattering for almost all types of eyes and can be easily adapted to go from day to night. So, my dear subscriber, I’ll share all of my tricks with you, step by step…


Eye makeup styles



Just like everything else, practice makes perfect when it comes to makeup. Follow these steps to achieve a magazine-worthy look:

  • Once you have made up your face (foundation, concealer, and powder), lightly define your eyebrows.
  • Next, apply a matte shadow as your base (in a vanilla or cream color) over the entire lid.
  • Then apply a matte medium-brown shadow (for daytime) or a shimmery brown shadow (for nighttime) in the crease, to define it.

Next, apply the eyeliner, using these tips...


  • Close your eye and stretch your eyelid with your fingertip to make your eye as almond-shaped as possible.
  • Keep your eye closed while lining it.
  • Line from the middle of your eye to the outer corner, avoiding the area around the tear duct.
  • Open your eye and apply liner from the tear duct to the center of the eye.

how to apply eye liner

  • Lift your eyebrow as you go over the line again, making it as straight as possible.
  • If you want to extend slightly the outer tip of the line, do it while your eye is open.
  • You can leave your lower lid bare or line the inner rim with a white or cream-colored pencil (which  will make your eyes look bigger).
  • You can also line your lower lid in black and connect it with the liner on your upper lid, which will intensify the look. You can create an entirely different nighttime look by then blending black eyeshadow over the liner…

black eye shadow


Another option for those with a steady hand is to partially close your eye and line from the tear duct to the outer corner of your eye in one go…

  • Finally, it is very important to finish up with a double coat of mascara. If the look is for night, you can glue false lashes at the outer corners of your eyes to make them look even bigger and more almond-shaped.

Keep in mind…

  • It’s very important that the liner on both eyes is the same length and thickness…
  • It’s very important that the line near the tear duct is very thin so the eye doesn’t look round…..
  • It’s very important that you don't leave any unlined patches between eyelashes. If you need to, go back over the line you made, taking care not to thicken it in the process...


Eyeliner. There are many different kinds, but some of the most popular ones are:

Black eye pencil
Makeup with eye pencils

  • Be sure that the pencil you choose is long-lasting (such as a water-resistant pencil), or else it'll run.

Liquid eyeliner

Liquid eye liner

  • Liquid eyeliner comes with an applicator. It dries quickly, but you’ll need a steady hand (or a lot of practice) to use it.

Cream or cake eyeliner

  • Many makeup artists use cream or cake eyeliners because they can achieve many different effects. Cream or cake eyeliners require use of a separate brush, one which is very fine or angled (the latter is much easier to use).


  • You can highlight your browbone by using a touch of matte white shadow for daytime or a pearlescent white shadow for night, but don’t overdo it, because the focus of this look is the eyeliner.
  • Use toasted brown shades of eyeshadow to define the crease. If you are going for a more festive look, use a pearlescent shade.


  • Use a mascara that thickens and curls your eyelashes, or you can also use an eyelash curler, but remember that eyelashes play an important role in this look!!!


  • Apply a peach blush to your cheeks, followed by a touch of highlighter (you can use a highlighting powder or a lightly pearlescent white shadow).
  • For your lips, you can choose either a neutral or a fiery red, depending on the season's trends.


This is a look that you’ll have to practice to be able to achieve. Don’t get frustrated – try the advice in this newsletter and experiment with different products to see what works best for you….


As you practice (over time), try thickening and lengthening the end tips of your liner to see how it looks on you…..maybe you’ll like having another trick up your sleeve for variety.

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